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£53.99 Regular Price
£48.59Sale Price

The one and only RIMMATS. For all lovers of detailing, professional and enthusiast. Your purchase will include four mats, two front and two rear.

Length: 510mm
Width: 310mm
Height: 40mm (when interlocked together)

  • Provides a clean and stable platform for detailing your wheels. 

  • Helps prevent splashback onto your vehicles wheels and bodywork when jet washing and air drying. 

  • Removes the need to move the car when applying tyre dressings. 

  • Reduces the risk of contaminants coming into contact with your brushes and applicators. 

  • Two front matts feature a patented chock design which doubles as a hose guide.

  • Stowable to take up a minimum storage footprint.

  • Designed and made in the UK from highly durable ABS thermoplastic.

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