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Our Story

I am a car enthusiast and love cars. I like nothing more than a cleaning my vehicle so it shines.


When giving my car it's weekly wash I became frustrated with the process I had to go through to make sure my wheels and tyres were spotless. The sponge or chamois leather was always touching the floor and picking up dirt and grit which would then transfer itself back onto the wheel. I tried moving the car backwards and forwards in order to only wash part of the wheel at a time, but this took time and it felt like I was washing the wheels twice. I also tried parking my car on pieces of wood or on sheets of rubber but this didn't solve the problem completely, either.

This is the reason RIMMATS were invented.

It took two years to get to the finished article. I spent many a late night and weekend reworking through ideas, getting opinions and trying to improve on my idea. Designing, choosing the correct material, testing to make sure they were fit for purpose before finally being happy and having the tooling manufactured to produce my product, RIMMATS.

RIMMATS is a family concern, they have been designed and manufactured in Great Britain and we are very proud of what we have produced, we think you will be too and they will make a difference to your car cleaning regime, as they have done for me and everyone that has purchased them.

Michael Butler, Inventor

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