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Can I use RIMMATS on any surface?

Yes, as long as the mats are well supported they can be placed upon grit, gravel, sand, tarmac and grass.


*Grit, gravel and sand must be no more than 25mm thick on a solid surface to ensure mat remains supported.


Can the mats be stored wet?

Yes, the mats are made from tough polypropylene and will not rot.


Is my car too heavy to go on the mats?

RIMMATS have been designed to cope with weights of up to 3000 kilos, as long as they are fully supported. The base of the mat will become scratched and dented, but this will not affect their overall performance.


How do RIMMATS help me save water?

Normally, once you have washed the car's wheels, you have to move the car backwards or forwards to clean the bottom of the tire that is in contact with the dirty floor. Meaning the wheel has to be washed twice, costing time and precious water.

RIMMATS lift the wheel on its patented ribs allowing you to clean the tire in one simple process.

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