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Product Description

RIMMATS are a brand-new entry to the car detailing market designed for professionals and enthusiast alike.  ​

An industry first, RIMMATS help prevent splash back onto your vehicle’s bodywork when jet washing and blow drying and removes the need to move the car when trying to wash and apply dressings to the tyre.


We are passionate about automotive care and created RIMMATS to help you get closer to the perfect detailing finish.

Bullet Point

  • RIMMATS help to save water.

  • RIMMATS are made from tough, high impact strength ABS and are fully recyclable.

  • RIMMATS are not affected by any proprietary car and wheel cleaning products and can be stored wet.

  • RIMMATS modular design allows them to interlock for easy storage.

  • RIMMATS were designed and are manufactured in the UK.

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